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Salt Detox Cleansing Scrub
60min - 16$

Regulate fat metabolism in the body with an intense full-body scrub with a stimulating and detoxifying blend of salt, lemongrass, coconutoil, and tumeric.

Coffe Scrub
​60min - 16$

To treat a variety of conditions from headaches to muscle tension and inflammation to skin complexion. Also, can be used in traditional Thai massage to better help circulation and range of motion throughout the session. Let's go over some of the benefits for a hot and cold Thai Herbal Compress as well as when it's used in a Thai massage.

Traditional Body Scrub
​60min - 16$

This exfoliation and massage combo treatment acts to stimulate circulation and assist with lymphatic flow, improving fluid retention, and releasing toxins, leaving skin feeling firmer, smoother and polished for a healthy glow.

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